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Our offerings

  • Rebalancing facial 30minutes

    As advanced treatment designed to assist in the removal of dead cells material eliminating blackheads congestion from the skin and deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin

  • Hydrate classic facial 40 minutes

    A beautiful introduction facial using specialist products to nurture the skin.

  • Lighten, brighten and clarify facial 50minutes

    Helps to even out skin tone and colour powerful treatment fight signs of one the most complex-to-treat dermal concern’s hyperpigmentation such as age spot, sun damage as overall pigmentation issue. Contain high strength vitamin A.

  • Rejuvenate Anti-ageing facial 60minutes

    Indulge yourself with this advanced treatment to restore radiance and boost collagen renewal for smoother skin regeneration treatment. Relaxes facial expression lines blush the appearance of wrinkles overall skin stress control, improve and hydration.

  • Dermal planning - 20minutes
  • Aromatic body massage

    Escape with deeply relaxing and reducing muscle soreness pain and stress. Your therapist will help you choose a nourishment aromatherapy blend to deliver relaxation, clam your mind and body.

  • 30min back, neck and shoulder
  • Hot Stone Massage

    Escape with deeply relaxing and reducing muscle soreness pain and stress. Your therapist will help you choose a nourishment aromatherapy blend to deliver relaxation, clam your mind and body.

  • 60min full body massage
  • Pregnancy massage 60 minutes
  • 90mins massage
  • Lip or chin wax
  • Lip and chin
  • Underarms
  • Half leg
  • Full leg
  • Bikini
  • Extended Bikini
  • Brazilian first time
  • Brazilian maintenance
  • Eyebrow threading within 4 weeks
  • Eyebrow shape
  • Eyebrow tint
  • Eyelash tint
  • Eyebrow tint and shape
  • Eyelash tint and eyebrow shape
  • Eyelash and eyebrow tint
  • Eyelash tint, eyebrow tint and shape
  • Lash curl
  • Lash curl and tint
  • Lash extensions

    Classic eyelash extension - 1hour 45minutes

  • Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos

    To make an appointment booking information for cosmetic tattoos

    • You are 18 year or older we may ask for ID if required
    • You have no previous tattoo (if you have previous tattoo please advice and we can discuss)
    • You are not pregnant- if breast feeding you need to express 24 hours after each appointments
    • You are not prone to keloid scaringYou are not any blood thing or acne medication
    • You are not undergone chemotherapy or radiance in the past 6 months prior to booking your tattoo \Whether you have alopecia or significant hair loss throughout the eyebrows.
    • Whether you have alopecia or significant hair loss throughout the eyebrows.
  • Things you need to know

    • A $150 non-refundable deposit to secure all the tattoo booking with 48 hours of making your booking.
    • Our initial appointment includes on in depth consultation where your artist will go over the process of our tattoo treatments all the styles we offer and our aftercares we offer.once you have decided on the style, your artist will map the area for brows the will also wax outside of the mapping then begin first session.
    • Return again for follow up appointment. During this session our artist will go over the brows. This is not only to lock in the colours ensure you get the most of the tattoo allows your artist to make any adjustment if required.
    • Feather touch: know as micro blading this is most natural brows suitable for those who have natural full brows.
    • Ombre and powder brows: Ombre starts of light and gradually gets darker in the tail whereas powder is slightly softer at the front and darker and defined on the tails. Perfect for those who wear makeup often or wanting definition of shape reconstruction. Most suitable for oily skin or those who live active lifestyles.
  • First session 3 hours
    Follow up session

    After 4 - 8 weeks

  • File and polish manicure or pedicure 20 minutes

    An express nail treatment, including a file, buff and polish in the colour of your choice - 20 minutes

  • Classic manicure or pedicure 40 minutes

    Designed to make your hands or feet look their best without taking up too much of your busy day. Nails will be buffed, filed and shaped, and cuticles tidied and moisturised before your nails are painted in the colour of your choice - price per either manicure OR pedicure

    Nail and paint with gel
  • Gel manicure or pedicure 50 minutes

    If you don’t have the time or patience to let the paint dry, Gel is the perfect solution. Your nails will be shaped and filed, then cuticles tidied before the Gel is applied in the colour of your choice. The polish will instantly set, letting you go straight to your next activity or appointment

  • Gel remove 20 minutes


We use Juvenate, a boutique New Zealand skincare company with a conscience

Natural formulations, enhanced with clean science from sustainable and ethical sources. No questionable preservatives, added colourants or fragrances. No buffers, fillers or silicones.

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What our customers say

“A true professional. Meena made me feel so comfortable, relaxed and her attention for detail is amazing”

Elisa Sanchez


"Fantastic, relaxing salon, made special by Meena and the beautiful setting. I highly recommend it!"

Alice Johnson


"I have had a lot of treatments from Meena. She is very professional and friendly. Her new rooms are set up well. Can't wait to try out the new massage chair while having a pedicure. She's always tailored her facials to my needs. Also adds a lovely facial massage."

Trish Hall


"FABULOUS! Excellent service, inviting and warm welcome. I do not live locally and travel for almost an hour to go to the salon"

Emma Wilson


“To my surprise, Meena has an amazing deep sport massage that unblocked some very tight muscled”

Peter Richard


"Would highly recommend 'Magical Touch by Meena', she is extremely helpful and is a very relaxing setting to take some time out to unwind!"

Jane Simmons